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How much sugar + salt is in your dishes?Updated a year ago

Each dish on the menu has the full, nutritional breakdown included. Simply click the dish you're interested in and hit 'view more details' to get the full breakdown.


Most of our dishes are considered 'low in sugar' meaning they have less than 5g per 100g (which is a protected UK nutritional claim).

We also use things like tomatoes, apple sauce to naturally sweeten some of our meals.

You can use the filter on our shop page to see our range of meals that are low in sugar.


We're pleased to say that our meals are firmly within UK salt recommendations of 6g/day. Most of our meals contain 2g or less of salt per serving (1/3 of your daily salt allowance).

We do currently have some dishes in our range a little higher that exceed our 2g target, but we're constantly tweaking and refining our recipes to ensure they're as delicious as possible, and guarantee they fit your, and our, nutrition goals.

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